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Cross Game Episode 43 Synopsis & Review


At the beginning of the season, Azuma is looking for one of the few people he remembers from the old Seishu team: Miki, who also displayed intense desire to win Koshien. The two superstars were separated ever since the farm team had soundly beaten Daimon’s Seishu team. We see Daimon’s arrogance back in full swing as he speaks a big game in front of Junpei and Aoba. Meanwhile, Shido, Seishu’s former manager, is back at the school to do a photo shoot. In an act of gratitude, she refuses to do the shoot in the baseball field which would only interfere with Seishu’s preparations.

Love is painful, eh?

The Seishu players then take their turns trying failing to make a deal with Aoba that if they do so-and-so, they could go on a date with her. Even Azuma offers “Two homeruns”. In flirty fashion, Kou makes an offer that if he pitches double digit strikeouts, Aoba would “spare” him from a date. This prompts Aoba to give him a look of confusion attraction and chases him around the field with a bat. On the day of the match, Seishu rolls past Matsunami behind Kou’s impressive 10 strikeouts. Aoba then unknowingly blurts out “that bastard,” under her breath as Kou get’s his 10th strikeout (aww she likes him).

After the match, there is a rare scene between them where Kou asks vaguely if she likes the clever types. It is vague because he could be talking about baseball or clever as in she fancies clever guys. I think it’s the latter ahem… Daimon’s team faces Sena (Miki’s team). Playing exactly the way he did against the farm team, Daimon refuses to play his best players. Miki ends up punishing him by hitting amazing an infield homerun and pitching/fielding flawlessly on defense to win the game. Now that Daimon is probably out for good (karma lmao), Seishu will face Miki and Sena in the next match. Miki appears to be a great offensive and defensive option for Sena. Will Seishu be able to advance to the next round? [/end tension building question]


Overall, episode 43 is yet another great episode of Cross Game. It is funny, charming, and displayed the baseball and romantic developments that we have been waiting for, for weeks now. Hopefully this sets the tone on future episodes.

***½ out of 4 stars (Excellent)

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