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Kino no Tabi (Kino’s Journey) Review (88/100 – Very, Very Good)

Story – 9

Kino’s Journey is an episodic drama that chronicles Kino’s visit to each country. Along the way, you discover peoples’ outward appearances clashing with their inner characters. Some will shock you and disturb you, others will leave you in disbelief, but all will touch your heart. Pacing wise, Kino’s Journey is a slow moving anime in a good way.

Animation – 8

The animation is rather simple, yet it is not without its charm. With a few faults here or there (minor nitpicking), the character designs and backgrounds are done well enough. Further, Kino’s childlike stature is part of a bigger purpose: to have you guessing about Kino’s gender.

Characters – 9

Kino and Hermes: a human and a motorrad; the show revolves around these two characters. The characters neither change nor grow for the better after each struggle, but they are still nonetheless worthwhile characters in the show. Perhaps as you watch each episode, you will begin to understand why Kino’s demeanor never changes.

Sound – 9

The OP and ED of this show are great. I would highly recommend watching this one with the Japanese voice actors and English subs; if anything to avoid getting spoilt on Kino’s gender. Kino’s English voice actor gives it away too easily. Anyway, the voice acting is good for both characters.

Enjoyment – 9

Overall this show is excellent and I enjoyed it. With just 13 episodes, the show manages to depict a lot of the characteristics in the world (happiness, sadness, pain, violence – including some disturbing things, beauty, wisdom, etc.). If you like or don’t mind the slow moving paced animes, I recommend you watch Kino’s Journey. Like the world that the show is portraying is beautiful, the anime manages to hold itself in a similar regard.

Average Series Rating: 8.8/10 – Very, Very Good

  1. LB
    March 21, 2010 at 11:54 am

    Can I ask why you think the ambiguous gender of Kino was a good or important thing?

    I went in having read about the series, including the gender of the protagonist, but it didn’t affect my view on the anime at all.
    As you mentioned, the English dub left little room for interpretation, so I was surprised to find there was any ambiguity in the first place.

  2. March 21, 2010 at 1:34 pm

    I also watched this show knowing Kino’s gender ahead of time, but from my friend’s view (who watched it without knowing before hand) was that Kino initially came off as the opposite gender (behavior, appearance, etc). It was just a nice twist/surprise in the story to find out that he was wrong about it. I do agree with you and think that Kino’s gender has little to do with the overall picture of the story.

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