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Cross Game Episode 42 Synopsis & Review


Summer Koshien is almost here. With that, Seishu is getting more pumped up for the upcoming baseball matches. This episode displays pieces of music that really stick out from the rest of the show. The easy going and nostalgic melodies of the background music add to the soothing pace of this episode. The romantic pace is picking up too.

Momiji playing catch with Kou

The baseball players confirm their attraction to Aoba, and so does her cousin. Akaishi walks Akane home without waking Kou, Junpei introduces Ichiyo to his family, Nakanishi and his girlfriend are getting along quite well, and so is Momiji and her boyfriend. Senda and Azuma do batting practice while everyone is out and about. During the batting practice, Azuma gives Senda advice on how to improve his role as the 1st batter of Seishu.

Ozaki drops by to practice with Aoba, while Kou and Akaishi practice in their usual spot in the forest. The intense match-up between Aoba and Ozaki ends up with 2 strikes and 3 balls. Aoba’s last pitch is her fastest fast ball yet, causing Ozaki to swing and miss. It seems Seishu is ready for their first baseball game.


Overall it is a great episode. It develops the slice of life side of the show and prepares us for what’s next. I’m looking forward to the baseball matches to see how much everyone has improved. Hopefully the romantic developments continue to progress amidst the games. Closer and closer we get to the end of the show (9 more episodes perhaps) and to realizing Wakaba’s dream.

***½ out of 4 stars (Excellent)

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