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Cross Game Episode 40 Synopsis & Review

In this episode, there is apparently a guy stalking Akane, promptly making Kou walk her home after work. Turns out the guy turned to stalking Akane after getting scared of stalking Aoba. Who wouldn’t be scared of Aoba? Anyways, we get Aoba’s thoughts on playing for the women’s team or sticking with Seishu to get to Koshien. Also as expected, Aoba and Akane are getting closer than ever since Akane started working at Coffee Clover.

Junpei was awesome in this episode. He is so fired up during Seishu’s training, forcing them to work harder than ever. Junpei was a star player in his day, so it is definitely beneficial for Seishu to get a trainer as enthusiastic as him, even if he is just being played by Ichiyou. I especially loved the scene with Junpei and Aoba driving to watch Ryuou practice. Junpei was singing shamelessly about what he was thinking and Aoba telling him to shut it. ‘Twas a great scene.

Towards the end, Junpei asks what Aoba thinks of Yuhei. Aoba has some decisions she is going to need to make soon. I hope they don’t keep the triangle unsolved (unlike a certain anime I know).

**½ stars (Above Average)

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