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Cross Game Episode 39 Synopsis & Review

In this episode, we see Kou slowly but surely improving as a pitcher thanks to Aoba’s teaching. He learns her curveball, slider, and cutter in a short amount of time, prompting her to say that maybe she has underestimated him. Kou tells Aoba that she will be in Koshien through his body completely mimicking her pitching form.

Azuma: So this is what he does when he's by himself?

During a Ryuou interview, the coach doesn’t remember who Seishu is but remembers clearly and corrects the reporters about Kou and Coach Maeno. Looks like these two baseball schools are fated to meet each other in Koshien soon? Aoba finally gets out of her crutches and even goes running. Kou poses topless for Akane, and Papa Tsukishima gets left all alone in the house when Ichiyo, Aoba, Momiji, and Nomo leave with their respective suitors.

Akane shows up to work at Café Clover, and turns out to be a great cook. She is then suggested to go with Kou to the upcoming flea market by Aoba (mixed signals FTW). Kou buys Aoba an ugly shirt to thank her for her pitching lessons. He knows she will make fun of him by wearing it and making fun of the shirt. Either way she is going to wear Kou’s gift, so this shows how well Kou really knows Aoba. Akane also mentions that her moving next to Kou seemed like no coincidence. Aoba then gets a call from the Women’s national team that they need a pitcher like her to play. It seems like a baseball game is in order for the next episode, even though there will be no Cross Game on January 3, 2010.

Overall this episode was a slow build up episode with few but important things happening to progress the story.

*** (Great)

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