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Darker Than Black – Ryuusei no Gemini Review (78/100 – Quite Good)

Story: 8/10

Ryuusei no Gemini (RG)’s story is very good. While it is a sequel, the story can stand on its own two legs. However the fact that the plot is sometimes rushed and that many things are unexplained (holes in the story) keep it from getting a higher score. My personal feeling is that while it was engaging enough to keep me watching it, I doubt the impression that story leaves me with will last, unlike some other anime.

Animation: 8/10

The character design and special effects were pleasant to look at. There were a few scenes where the drawings got a little sloppy, however as a whole, the animation is consistently of good quality. Nothing really stood out for me, be it in a good light or a bad light, so I think that means it has at the very least done its job.

Characters: 8/10

I thought the new characters and the old characters are done in a interesting manner for a sequel. However, going back to the idea that there are a lot of questions unanswered in RG really takes away from a possible score of a 9.

Sound: 8/10

Tsukiakari no Michishirube (OP) is my favorite piece of music in this show. While the rest of the sounds of RG were unintrusive and almost non-existent, the opening really gives it extra points. Further, the voice acting was well done for this show.

Enjoyment: 7/10

There are a lot of questions left unanswered in this show. However it did keep me interested and watching. I can’t help but feel some feeling of incompleteness after watching this show due to the afore mentioned issue.

Average Series Rating: 7.8/10 – Very Good

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