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Cross Game 38 Synopsis & Review

Akane and Kou go see a Kabuki thanks to Akaishi generous ticket gifts. He says he wants to see Wakaba’s smile again, and that can only happen if Akane goes on a date with Kou. Despite Kou feeling comfortable around Akane due to his experience with Wakaba, the date made it clear that she’s a completely different person because of the people they visited after the Kabuki show. Akane gives Akaishi an “Akaishi” key chain and gives Kou, his own much later because she has spent more time making it.

Momiji: Adorable, talented singer, and renowned Shakespearean actor.

Other romantic developments include, Aoba betting with Azuma during practice. Azuma is then forced to go to a date with Aoba. Perhaps Aoba felt a little jealous that Kou went on a date himself that she had to do the same. In addition, Seishu’s former coach, Daimon, is the coach of another school also trying to get into Koshien. No doubt their paths will inevitably meet as they try to become the champions. Azuma is confident about the fact that Seishu will defeat any team that Daimon can muster.

Overall this episode had a few funny scenes, and developed the romances a little bit more. I would have liked to see more of Aoba’s reactions to the Kou and Akane date rather than just the scene at the hospital, although the bet with Azuma does make it obvious that she was somewhat insecure about it.

*** stars (Very Good)

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