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Cross Game Episode 37 Synopsis & Review

This episode is another one of those great ones that remind me of Adachi’s excellent storytelling and why I love the characters. First, Aoba is brought to the hospital where it will take a month for her to recover. Therefore, she cannot attend the Women’s tryouts. This places guilt on Azuma, similar to what he experienced when his brother got injured. Despite Aoba not blaming Azuma, the accident affects Azuma enough to cause him to not bat at 100% during practice. Aoba does, however, look a little gloomy despite having visitors everyday (aka Azuma). Maybe she’s waiting for someone special to visit her?

"Excuse me Miss, I'm looking for Osamu Akaishi. He's a real big guy. Have you seen him around?"

While all this is going on, Junpei pops the question to Ichiyo during a romantic dawn evening via cheesy and corny lines he spent all night writing (and practicing probably). Ichiyo’s answer is just as funny as Junpei’s attempt, and the scene between them quite possibly seals the Junpei and Ichiyo pairing. We also see some development between Akane and Akaishi. Akane is harassed by a random thug (not sure of his name) who is quickly scared away by Akaishi’s ultimate glaring power. Akaishi gives Akane two tickets to see a Kabuki which prompts her to ask him if he was interested in going. He says he doesn’t really like Kabukis that much, but suggests that Kou would love to go see it with her. What is Akaishi up to? Didn’t he just blow his chance?

Midori makes it to the Women’s baseball team waitlist, which perhaps would cause further gloom for Aoba until Kou finally visits her with her glove and a baseball. Kou decides not to wake a cute, sleeping Aoba and falls asleep himself. Aoba wakes up and suddenly her mood seems lively. She throws the baseball around while reminiscing. She eventually gets fed up of Kou sleeping for hours and wakes him up with a baseball to the head. She tells him to “go home already”. Confused and hungry, Kou gets up and leaves. What a weird visit. The episode ends with Aoba getting fired up for baseball once again, and hopefully Azuma reverts back to his normal self too.

Overall this episode is awesome and very enjoyable.

*** ½ stars (Excellent)

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