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Natsume Yuujinchou Review (73.75/100 – Good)

Natsume Takashi has inherited his deceased Grandmother’s (Reiko) ability to see spirits. This not only is scary to be able to see spirits that no one else sees, but is the cause of Natsume’s loneliness. He discovers Reiko’s “Book of Friends” which contains a list of spirits names that she collected. The book can then be used to call any of the spirits to support the owner, as they are bound to the book through a magical contract. Upon realizing that this book could go to the wrong hands, he and Madara (his spirit cat friend) decide to free the spirits from the “Book of Friends”.

Story: 7/10

Natsume Yuujinchou’s (NY) story is very light and charming. There is no over-arching plot with twists, though there are occasional flashbacks that help develop Reiko and Takashi’s character. The story mostly consists of light comedy, some sad situations, and many happy endings for each individual stand alone episode. Some episodes are better than others (that is to be expected), especially towards the last few episodes of the season. Therefore, the quality of the story varies for each episode. While this anime’s plot is not as heavy and emotionally engaging as other anime (ex. Fruits Basket), the story is quite charming and enjoyable.

Animation: 8/10

The animation is for this show is very good. The human character drawings are consistently good, with very few instances where the quality is less than acceptable. In other words, the soft colors, human character designs, and their backgrounds complement the show’s charm. Further, the spirit design is wide and varied that separates each individual spirit from each other. Though there is a more noticeable drop in quality for the spirit drawings when compared to the humans.

Characters: 8/10

The main characters Natsume and “Nyanko-sensei” (Madara) are a funny couple to watch. Madara who can easily eat Natsume and steal the “Book of Friends” for himself, chooses to protect him instead for an unknown reason. Most probable is that he is genuinely fond of Natsume’s kindness towards others and reciprocates, and/or perhaps he has a “yet to be discovered” past concerning Reiko. Some of the characters turn out to be very likeable despite only seeing them for a few episodes (for example, the wolf boy), however some are rather one dimensional. Overall, the main and supporting cast of NY is characterized in a good manner.

Music: 9/10

If anything stands out for me in this series, it is the music. The ED of the show is rather slow and peaceful like the series itself; the singing and lyrics are full of emotion. The OP is good too, however the ED is more memorable because of its melodies. Overall, the soundtrack was excellent with emphasis on the ED.

Enjoyment: 7/10

Overall, I felt that this anime did its job of delivering its charming and playful message to the audience. It may not have all the frills and thrills of other shows, however it’s a good anime to pick up if you are in the market for a light feel good show with a little bit of comedy.

Average Series Rating: 7.375/10 – Good

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