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Cross Game Episode 36 Synopsis & Review

This week’s episode is original to the anime (in other words, not found in the manga- except for the ending). The episode begins with Aoba’s pitches being hit out of the park by Azuma. As the practice ends, Aoba apologizes to the coach about having to miss a day for Women’s tryouts. It turns out the entire Seishu team has already canceled their practice on that day, in regards to Aoba’s situation. Kou and Azuma see Aoba off at the station. Aoba thanks them both and all hell breaks loose (i.e. it starts pouring- and neither Kou nor Azuma has an umbrella with them).

On the train, Aoba meets up with former Satomi teammates and together they reach the Women’s tryouts. The tryout features some of the best female talents in the nation, however Aoba is there just to see how well she would do against them, with no real intent on leaving Seishu for the Women’s National Team. Thanks to the pouring rain, Akane’s soba shop isn’t getting as many customers, upon which Kou instinctively apologizes. Akane then mentions Aoba, and Kou immediately starts choking on his food lol.

In the tryouts, Aoba surprises the judges with her 130km/hr (80 mph) curveball, and her even faster “fast ball”. Shimano (Ryuou’s 4th batter), who had been getting outclassed in the tryouts, then suggests they should all pitch and bat against each other instead of machines. The coach agrees, and by karma alone, Shimano is paired up with Aoba (owned). Needless to say, Aoba’s pitch was way too fast for Shimano, and Aoba easily strikes Shimano out. Shimano had three chances to hit the ball, but couldn’t due to the fact that she was swinging way too late. Aoba easily advances in the tryouts.

She then gets injured during Seishu practice from Azuma batting a ball that hits her. End of episode. Great cliffhanger for however long it lasts (not very long thanks to preview). Overall, I thought this episode was very good for non-Adachi material. It pays homage to Women’s baseball and clearly shows why Aoba is a one of a kind type of player. It also displays Aoba’s infamous “thank you” curse lol.

**½ stars (Good)

  1. December 29, 2009 at 11:17 pm

    IIRC, wasn’t it ‘Shimano’?

  2. December 29, 2009 at 11:30 pm

    You are correct. Thank you.

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