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Cross Game Episode 35 February 14th Review

Another week, another great Cross Game episode, and another review. First of all, we find out that Seishu didn’t qualify for the National High School Baseball Invitational Tournament (Spring Koshien) due to losing one too many Autumn games. Azuma states that they must get to Summer Koshien (Championship Tournament) no matter what through their own efforts.

Cross Game 35: a violent, brutal episode </sarcasm>

Anyways, this is the Valentines Day episode entitled February 14th (how clever). This episode further advances the recent relationship build ups between Aoba and Kou, and their two biggest competitors, Azuma and Akane. It was quite funny to watch Aoba and Kou verbally abuse each other back and forth when Aoba was making food for her family. They pretty much use the same phrases as a comeback to each other’s comments, while arguably repetitive, further supports the view that they are so similar that they are exactly like twins fighting.

We see Akane make her “move” on Kou at the end of the episode when she hands him a Valentines gift, after asking to see Waka-chan’s photos and betting on something rather presumptuous. Also we see Azuma step his game up (maybe not intentionally because he was asked, but whatever) by saying Aoba is the only girl he considers going out with… so far. Too bad the scene cut into the commercial after that, as I would have loved to see Aoba’s comment on that!

Akane throws a rather double edged comment for Akaishi (poor guy) that went something like: “You look like my grandfather… I loved my grandfather!” Not sure how to take that one either Akaishi; a high school student shouldn’t look like anyone’s grandfather lol.

There are many other good developments made in this episode, but the last one I will mention is that Aoba is finally going to try out for the Women’s National Baseball Team (sweet a baseball episode, hopefully)! Overall, this episode was great in further fleshing out the romantic intricacies of the story. I just can’t believe that it’s over already, and now I have to wait another week…

***½ stars (Excellent)

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