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Cross Game Episode 33 Synopsis & Review


The episode begins with Seishu winning their first game of the season. Since it is a day off from baseball practice, Aoba is busy doing a thorough cleaning of her room. Ichiyo says she wouldn’t have to do this if she’d only clean her room regularly. Kou, like Aoba, is busy cleaning his room too when Akane notices Azuma and Kou from her window. She asks if Aoba is available, because she made a pink cushion for her as thanks for saving her last time. Azuma, as sharp and as observant as ever, remarks that the situation

What'cha talkin' 'bout Willis?

is getting complicated. Akane and Kou head out to meet Aoba. Seiji (Aoba’s father) drops his pail upon seeing Akane and the two head up to Aoba’s room. Aoba and Kou tell Akane about Wakaba, and Akane says sorry for asking. Aoba tells Akane she doesn’t need to keep apologizing. Kou, not knowing they are Wakaba’s, offers to throw away her old Tanabata plants/decorations. Aoba gets mad and tells him he can throw away what’s hers but not Wakaba’s. Aoba accepts Akane’s gift, and they leave her alone to continue her cleanage.

Akaishi is asked to deliver a complimentary gift to the Soba Restaurant. Akane appears saying she’s headed for the library which causes Akaishi to drop the glass gift. He cuts himself while picking it up, and Akane puts a band aid on his cut. Did Akaishi just blush? Senda exposes to Akane that she just looks like Wakaba and that Akaishi had a big crush on Wakaba. Back at the Kitamura household, Akaishi finds out Kou went to the library. Akaishi mentions the red string of fate only for us to find out seconds later that Aoba and Kou were the ones that meet up in the library! Kou and Aoba are both surprised and end up yelling at each other (lol typical).

Later that night before the big game, Azuma orders a Napolitan from Aoba, and says the taste was interesting. He is sick in the morning and goes to the hospital (lmao) to miss the game. Akane goes with Ichiyo and Momiji to watch the baseball game, learning about Kou and Aoba’s passion for baseball. Unfortunately in the 9th inning, the opponents score via base stealing and Seishu’s defensive fumbling. Akaishi with his chance to impress Akane and tie the game, hits one high and far, but gets an out. This causes him to fall on his knees embarrassed, and the episode ends with Aoba genuinely ticked off at their first loss of the season in just their second game.


This week’s episode is another excellent one. The Kou and Aoba, and Akane and Akaishi developments were quite pleasing and done exceptionally well as expected, especially the library scene surprise. Azuma has turned into a very likeable comic relief character, as he is an outsider viewing in at the Tsukishima-Kitamura situations. Akane finally knows she looks like Wakaba and looks like she will fit right in the thick of things (kind of scary how perfect the story is going). I definitely like the introduction of Akane so far. I was expecting more baseball judging from the opening part, but it turns out to be a great character development episode. Once again Cross Game meets expectations as the anime of the year.

***½ stars (Excellent)

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