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MLG Orlando Preview & Poll

The last stop on the Major League Gaming Pro Circuit is in Orlando, Florida. The winner of the tournament will determine who the best Halo 3 team is in the world. With a prize of $100,000 for first place, everything has all been for this one moment. Who will come out on top? Let’s have a look at the major contenders for the title, a few surprise teams, and finally provide you with a poll to cast your vote.

Cinderella Teams

There are a few Cinderella teams that can really shine in Orlando. First pt Dynasty, finishing 4th in Anaheim. Believe The Hype is also a team to look out for. Finally Heaven And Earth can definitely make a little run in Orlando.

Final Boss

Consisting of team captain Ogre 2, Strongside, Victory X, and Soviet, FinalBoss is looking to make a last minute push for a title. Though they have been under performing this season (best finish was 3rd in Columbus), they have some halo veterans in Ogre 2 and Strongside that make them a legit top 8 team. Watch out for Final Boss to create some noise in Orlando.

Final Boss


Consisting of team captain Lunchbox, Roy, Neighbor, and FeatItSelf, Instinct has some of the best slayers in the game. They placed 2nd in Meadowlands, 3rd in Dallas, but 7th in Anaheim. They will be looking to get back their old form come Orlando and should not be overlooked by the top teams.



Consisting of team captain Shockwave, Walshy, Defy, and Naded, Carbon is a team of seasoned veterans. With the acquisition of halo legend Walshy, Carbon has placed well in their last two tournaments (2nd in Dallas, 3rd in Anaheim). They are a dangerous team when things are clicking, and are a major contender for the World title.


Str8 Rippin

Consisting of team captain, Tsquared, Snipedown, Legit, and ElamiteWarrior, Str8 Rippin is the defending Halo 3 World Champions. Their placings this season so far are 4th in Meadowlands, 1st in Columbus, 4th in Dallas, and 2nd in Anaheim. They played Triggers Down to the closest 11 game series yet seen on the main stage at the last tournament, and they will be looking to defend their title and get revenge against Triggers Down.

Str8 Rippin

Triggers Down

Consisting of team captain, SK, Hysteria, Pistola, and Heinz, Triggers Down has been dominating the halo 3 scene in 2009. They took first place in 3 of the last 4 tournaments (Meadowlands, Dallas, and Anaheim). They will be riding their momentum of back to back victories (Dallas and Anaheim) on their way to Orlando and are the favorites to win the event.

Triggers Down

After looking at the teams, which team is your favorite team to win Orlando 2009 and become the new Halo 3 World Champions?

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