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Halo 3 MLG Anaheim 2009

MLG Anaheim 2009 saw the closest finals we have seen in a long time. #1 seeded Triggers Down defeated #2 seeded Str8 Rippin in what turned out to be one of the greatest 11 game series we have yet seen for halo 3 competition. Both teams were evenly matched, but Pistola and Hysteria seemed seemed to step it up in the final minutes of the last game of Team Slayer on Amplified. Str8 had kept it close until the final minutes, but had no response to Triggers Down’s late game run. Nevertheless, both teams had players on fire. Hysteria and Pistola were taking faces with the

Hysteria and Pistola were on fire this tournament. Source mlgpro.com

sniper and SK often found himself behind Str8 Rippin members. Legit pulled off one ridiculous clutch play after another while Elamite Warrior stepped up his game by providing increased slaying power. Snipedown was just… well… being Snipedown and killing everything in sight. The last game could have gone in favor of either team (Walshy literally tossed a coin to determine the winner of the last game and match- that’s how evenly matched these teams are!), but Triggers Down got control of the map late in the game and never looked back. Seeing as how evenly matched these two teams are and with the rivalry between them at an all time high, the 2009 Championships in Orlando is going to be a real treat to watch.

Str8 Rippin will be looking to defend their title as Halo 3 Champions in Orlando. Source mlgpro.com

Carbon got outplayed by Str8 Rippin in Anaheim, but will be back with a vengence. Source mlgpro.com

Without further ado, here are the placings for MLG Anaheim 2009:

  1. Triggers Down
  2. Str8 Rippin
  3. Carbon
  4. Dynasty
  5. Believe the Hype
  6. Classic
  7. Instinct
  8. Heaven & Earth

It is important to note that this tournament was full of upsets. Dynasty was the surprise of the tournament after ousting Final Boss to finish 4th just behind Carbon. Instinct and Final Boss underperformed this tournament placing 7th and 9th, respectively. This was the worst placing in Ogre 2’s immaculate record, placing out of the top 8. Tell me your thoughts on the tournament. Do you think Dynasty will do well in Orlando or will we see a new team take the stage? Triggers Down or Str8 Rippin for Orlando? Or maybe Carbon or someone else?

(Note: I will be posting a poll and Orlando predictions soon)

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