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Tsubasa Cat 3 Review

It’s been about a month since the last Bakemonogatari episode, and fans have been left hungry for the continuation of the Tsubasa Arc, myself included. Was it worth the wait?

Here comes the sex kitten.

The episode begins with Hanekawa in the playground/park, looking up at the ever so ominous clouds in the sky. As Araragi rides his bike, he reminisces about the memorable night he had with Senjougahara. He then meets up with Hachikuji, whom he hasn’t seen in a long time and thus practically molests upon meeting. Hachikuji bites him, mispronounces Araragi’s name, and tells him that she saw Shinobu outside a donut store (first time outside Meme’s?). Araragi acknowledges this, and takes his leave. Araragi then skips school, but Senjougahara catches him in the act. Senjougahara asks him where he’s going, and he says to help someone. She teases Araragi a little via awesome voice acting, and she let’s him go help that certain someone (who she knows is Hanekawa). She smiles as Araragi leaves.

Araragi arrives at the playground where Hanekawa is waiting. Hanekawa apologizes for making him skip school, and when she is asked why, she tells him a few radio jokes, effectively pissing off Araragi. Finally, Tsubasa takes off her cap and shows what she has been hiding all this time. Araragi tries to handle the cat oddity first, but eventually takes Hanekawa to Meme via super enjoyable bike ride. Meme leads them both up the dark “oddity” room and renders Hanekawa unconscious. After some epic music and an epic entrance, Tsubasa Cat appears claiming that Araragi hasn’t changed since the last time they met. Cue in Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari and an awesome redone ED scene.

Overall a pretty good and funny episode. All three girls (Hachikuji, Senjougahara, and Hanekawa) make fun of Araragi in their own way and the end result is pretty hilarious. Although, Hanekawa ended up making Araragi frustrated. In addition to obvious Hanekawa fan service, Tsubasa Cat’s entrance and music was quite epic. My favorite part especially was the voice actor, Yui Horie, making her vocals more energetic, reminiscent of her acting in Toradora as Minorin. Episode 13 is a build up episode to set up the action that would follow. Nevertheless, we were treated to a pretty hilarious episode after a month’s worth of wait. I give it a

7.5 out of 10 stars (pretty good).

  1. November 6, 2009 at 4:58 pm

    Well I have to agree that the music going with the cat’s entrance was pretty epic. Makes you excited and then decides to end the episode on you….

    Can understand the frustration earlier since the radio jokes weren’t that interesting to me. Besides this is supposed to be an emergency. Araragi did a good job trying to hold back the laughter at the cat ears though couldn’t hide that he was trying not to laugh.

    What a meeting with Hachikuji though. The guy is so happy after that incredible date that he can’t help sharing his joy with Hachikuji. Sadly his joy is molesting her….

  2. November 7, 2009 at 12:20 am

    Appreciate the comment FlareKnight. The radio stuff was somewhat of a tangent from the oddity conversation between the two. Some of it had me going “What?”, but I suppose it was meant to show Araragi kind of flipping out and making light of a serious conversation. I agree with your point on the music, it was just getting to the action part and then… sayonara!

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