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Baseball World Champions and Anime, what?

Yankees win their 27th title against former World Champions Phillies with a 7-3 win in game 6, ending ahead in the match with a score of 4 games to 2. The MVP title was awarded to the NY superstar Hideki Matsui who got a record tying 6 runs in 3 hits which included his 3rd home run in the World Series match. He also made baseball history by being the first Asian player to be awarded the title of World Series MVP.

“It’s awesome. It’s just unbelievable. I’m surprised myself. All I can say is I feel so happy right now. It feels great.” – Hideki Matsui, World Series MVP

Now you should know, I don’t have a baseball team that I root for and don’t normally follow baseball in general. Basketball is more of my sport, however I did catch the World Series this year, and it’s thanks to a baseball anime that I am watching called Cross Game. The show itself is excellent (I will post a review later on), and it has, in short, made me interested in baseball.

Hideki Matsui – does a similar fate lie in store for Ko?

I played intramural softball in college, but never really appreciated the intricacies of the game enough to make me want to watch it on T.V. Such intricacies include mind games between the batter and pitcher and the strategies of the batting rotation. I noticed both of these in the World Series and in the anime (which, by the way, does a pretty good job of keeping a non-baseball follower well informed and interested in the game), effectively increasing my overall appreciation for both aspects.

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