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World War for iPod Touch and iPhone

World War is a free mmo-style game for the iPod Touch or the iPhone. This game is really easy and simple. Play defensively and camp is the best strategy when first starting. Stay low key while amassing income buildings and then once you get enough cash flow start adding alliances and go for that level 200 and a good win-loss ratio!

I made an Microsoft Excel file that you can use to determine which building you need to build to get the most out of your money. Download it here.

Here’s how you use this file:
1. Download and open the file.
2. Input how much your buildings cost under the “Cost” column. (Note: Income buildings and Defensive buildings are separated.)
3. The lowest $ value under the “Cost per $1 Income” and/or the “Cost per +1 Defense” is the building you want to build.

Here is a list of buildings in the order they are available (not complete, I am updating as I get up there):

Level 1 – Supply Depot – +$1000/hour

Level 1 – Bunker – +3 defense

Level 2 – Refinery – +$6,500/hour

Level 5 – Barracks – +1 energy/5 minutes

Level 6 or 7 – Guard Tower – +10 defense

Level 8 – Weapons Factory – +$16,500/hour

Level 10 – Anti-Aircraft Launcher – +15 defense

Level 12 – Power Plant – +$56,000/hour

Level 15 – Turret – +32 defense

Level 18 – Airfield – +2 energy/5 minutes

Level 22 – Landmine Field – +50 defense

Level 25 – Oil Rig – +$270,000/hour

Feel free to add me; my alliance code is YJJS7T. If this was helpful to you please rate, comment, and subscribe. Thanks good luck and have fun!

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