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The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya Movie Release Date Leaked!?

It appears a legitimate Japanese ticketing website has the movie listed to be shown on February 6, 2010. See here (if you can read Japanese). Under February, it says 2月6日~ (or 2/6 for the new Haruhi movie). So Haruhi fans rejoice or be somewhat cautious about the movie <cough> endlesseight <cough>. For now, here’s an interesting poster from a long time ago for a such a movie…


Fan made poster

The movie is called “The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya” and is about Kyon finding himself in a shockingly-normal, Haruhi-less world. There is also a light novel with the same title (4th in the series). I haven’t read any of the light novels, but I am expecting the movie being based on the light novels (how much of it is in the light novel, only time will tell).


I’m in the boat of people who liked the Endless Eight the first couple of times, but didn’t find the last 6 episodes of the idea particularly exciting. So I’m definitely looking forward to this movie, however cautiously, since season 2 didn’t really give me the Haruhi fix like I expected. Although, I’ll admit I had really high hopes for the second season. The idea of Haruhi disappearing seems like it would make for a good story line and funny moments. And so the 3 month countdown to February begins.

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